Use of Our Facilities

We are eager to see our properties used to their fullest potential.  We have developed policies and reservation forms to establish guidelines and ensure that meetings, activities and events are handled according to the groups’ needs.


We understand that weddings are a big deal!  If you are interested in using Bethany Christian Church for your wedding:

  1. Please review our Wedding Packet.  The policy includes information that may answer most of your initial questions.
  2. Follow the policy’s instructions to check on availability and reserve the church.
  3. Feel free to call the church office (765-643-5713) if you have other questions that are not addressed in the policy.

Other Meetings, Events & Activities

If you would like to submit a reservation for a meeting or activity other than a wedding:

  1. Please review the Bethany Facilities Use Policy for guidelines and requirements.
  2. Call the church office (765-643-5713) to check on availability.
  3. Submit the appropriate reservation form for your ministry-related or non-ministry-related activity, van check-out form (if applicable), along with any deposit or payment that may be required in accordance with the policy.


Can’t see the forms? You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader …  download it free here.