2017 Sabbatical Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey concerning the Deep Roots Sabbatical Program.  As an attender of Bethany Christian Church, your opinions and insights are highly valued and appreciated.

The information and comments gathered by this survey will serve as a tool to assess the Deep Roots Sabbatical and as a help to better utilize resources for upcoming programs and activities at Bethany Christian Church.

Celebration Send-off (Pittt Barbeque Pitch-in)

Combined Sunday School (led by Mark Pike & Michael Frank)

Celebrating Our Roots Guest Speakers (Jim Harless, Larry Marshall, & Troy Jackson)

No Media Mondays (Mondays in August)

Prayer Nights at BCC (Tuesdays & Thursdays in August)

Spiritual Disciplines Video Series ("The Life You Always Wanted")

Strengthening Our Roots Guest Speaker (Dick Alexander)

Bearing Fruit Guest Speakers (BCC Elders)

Sabbatical Closing Guest Speakers (Tommy & John Thomas Oaks)

Sabbatical Finale Performance (STAR QUEEN)

Which of the preceding would you like BCC to offer again in the future, possibly in a revised manner (select as many as are applicable)?

What aspects of the Deep Roots Sabbatical did you enjoy the most (select as many as are applicable)?